Pastoral Counseling

Lori is a facilitator of spiritual and personal reflection, a mediator for relationships that require support, and a cultivator of a life based in truth and freedom through Jesus. She helps you find God’s best for you.
Lori is passionate about preventing the mess of broken marriage and helping couples pursue restoration and healing. Having been there and done that, she is also your go-to for parenting issues. If you need help and encouragement, if you lack motivation, or if you simply would love advice, coaching, and mentoring, Lori will help.

To request an appointment in the Keller, Texas area:
Call 817-692-1992


Credentialed with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry/Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University Seminary.

-Lori Berry is not a psychiatrist/psychologist. Cases of serious mental illness will be referred to licensed clinical professionals.