Family Budget

Private college tuition. Gulp.
Times two this year. Double gulp.
Medical bills from a kiddo’s recent hospitalization, labs, tests, and follow-ups.
Air conditioning that doesn’t work (in TEXAS!).
Recent home renovation that overshot the budget.
1968 plumbing.
A car way past 200,000 miles, ready to give up at any time.
Competitive dance.

When we look at our family’s budget, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We are creatively looking at ways to cut expenses and decide where to spend and where not to spend our precious resources. We’ve found that talking about priorities before talking about the budget helps keep us focused on where we are going as a family. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:21 (NIV):

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

When we focus on things that have eternal impact, it’s easier to prioritize our list. Christian university for a student headed into ministry work is probably a good investment from an eternal perspective. Paying what we owe is Biblical. That new car and fun wardrobe can probably wait. Our sweet dancer may not get to attend an out-of-state intensive this year. We definitely don’t want to stretch ourselves to the point where we are not able to give our tithe to the church or have the opportunity to be generous when someone is in need.

As unexpected expenses and new developments pop up, we will come back to this discussion over and over again. As long as we remember what’s important and try to align with God’s plan for our life, we will trust in his provision.

What about you? What are your family’s priorities for your budget? Is your treasure where your heart is?

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