Here it comes again. That unexpected gut punch of parenting a high school senior in the spring. Last show choir performance, last choir concert, last banquet, last prom, graduation… I’m so ready for her to spread her wings, and she’s so ready to fly. But, then again, I am devastated to know she is about to take off without me. She can’t wait to leave one minute, but then wants[…]

Why do we even let our kids do this competitive thing? Why would we invest time, energy, and money in dance? Here are four fabulous reasons.1.  It literally makes them smarter.Dancing encourages synapses between the left side of the brain and the right side of the brain. Gross motor skills interact with rhythm, creativity meets the beat, and counting gels with gracefulness. As these pathways of communication between brain hemispheres[…]

After an intense day at a dance competition, Rich and I needed toothpicks to prop our eyes open for Bethany’s solo awards at 11:15 p.m. We settled into our “wake me when it’s over” slump in our seats, half listening for the title of her solo, Bluebird, so we could whoop and try to remember which medal the judges decided for her. (This weekend it would be High Gold, Platinum,[…]

I take extreme measures to avoid girl scouts in February. When the doorbell rings, I dive and roll. When they have a table set up at the grocery store, I take an alternate entrance.You see, I have a weakness. One bite into peanut butter and chocolate deliciousness, and the whole box is gone. Then I look for another box. Not long afterward, I feel really, really sick and angry at[…]