Are you concerned with your dancer’s placement or progress? Do you think your dancer needs private lessons to gain more individual attention? Are you confused about a decision that has been made that directly affects your child’s outlook and self-esteem?These are all valid questions. Dance Mom Devo contributor Meghan Way Stinson helps us out with some answers from her perspective as an experienced dance instructor.We, as dance teachers, know that[…]

Disappointment always hurts. And it’s unavoidable in this world. Whether it’s blowing an audition, failing a spelling test, or not being invited to a friend’s birthday party, at some point in your child’s life, she’s going to be disappointed. Our kids need to be taught how to respond. Here are some of the not-so-good responses I’ve either tried or witnessed: Not-so-good response 1: Say “Toughen up!” and ignore the pain. This response will come back[…]

Overcommitment leads to underwhelming results.Between high school and traveling as an assistant or rehearsing at my studio, I had zero time in the week to do anything else. I was lucky if I made it to a Friday night football game or a sleepover. I desperately wanted to run track, but my Dance Mom, Vicki, made me choose. She knew the demands of both dance and track, and taught me[…]

Summer naturally pushes the re-set button for young dancers. The competition and recital seasons have finished, and the next season seems a long way off. Now what? I sat down with Dance Mom Devo contributor and professional dancer, Meghan Way Stinson to get the inside scoop on how dancers should be spending their summer months.Should we take time off? Do we need to try summer intensives?“Take a break for a[…]

Dance Mom Devo welcomes Meghan Way Stinson, professional dancer, international dance teacher, choreographer, Dupree convention faculty member, competition judge, dance company member, and co-director to our writing team. Meghan will be giving us her perspective on many different issues in the dance world. Feel free to ask her questions in the comments section. To see Meghan’s fabulous extensive bio, click here. Gift cards and bath salts and Snickers OH MY! The[…]

Do you have big dreams for your kids? Do they have dreams of their own? Defining the dreams God has placed in their hearts and breaking them down into tangible goals can be confusing for kids, so they need our help. First, we need to assure them God has plans and purposes for them. “For I know the plans I have for you, “ declares the Lord, “plans to prosper[…]

Moms…are you prepared? This week is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s our dance company audition week. After three days of intensives, the girls will be placed with their new teams at their new levels for the whole next year. This group of girls will be who my daughter spends at least 10 hours a week with, the group she will be friends with, the group she[…]