Carving pumpkins? Talk to your kids while you’re at it.In today’s culture when almost ALL of our kids have seen at least some of the episodes of the series Thirteen Reasons Why, we need to talk about self image, depression, suicide, bullying, and social media. Their ideas and opinions are coming from somewhere. Why not us? Since our family is so busy, I try to find teachable moments in our everyday[…]

Moms…are you prepared? This week is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s our dance company audition week. After three days of intensives, the girls will be placed with their new teams at their new levels for the whole next year. This group of girls will be who my daughter spends at least 10 hours a week with, the group she will be friends with, the group she[…]

I’m afraid to write about my topic today. There! I admitted it. Every time I write about something, it happens to me. I write about setting a good example, and soon afterwards, it becomes blatantly clear I am definitely NOT being a good example. I write about handling disappointment, and my family experiences immediate opportunities to practice responding to failure. I have known I’m supposed to write about this subject[…]

Photo editing apps, snap chat, instagram, twitter…  Kids today are UNDER PRESSURE. Pressure is not new, so what’s the difference with the now generation? When I was a teenager in the 80’s, we made some bad choices.  Some kids got caught, and some kids didn’t.  One of my sisters got caught often.  She once was in a minor car accident…in the middle of the school day…in a high school’s parking[…]

I’m too fat. My chest is too big. If only my hair were that color. My legs are so long, it’s embarrassing. Why don’t I have a booty? These are not just hypothetical questions.  These are real words coming out of the mouths of really beautiful, really talented girls.  These are ballerinas, athletes, skinny kids, big kids, short kids and tall kids.  Just this week, a friend of one of[…]

I feel a little bit phony even writing about this issue. I have always struggled with insecurity. I still fight it daily. Even now, as I write this, I am plagued with thoughts of how it will be received, if anyone will even read it. I know God is bigger than my inadequacies, though, so I will keep writing what is on my heart. He has given me a unique[…]