As the years passed on for me in the competitive world, the trophies accumulated. When you have been gathering awards for years, where do you put them? For me, we began setting them in my dance room, and they continued to multiply until ironically, there wasn’t a whole bunch of space left to dance. I left behind my room full of collected trophies when I moved to LA. I didn’t need[…]

Dance Mom Devo welcomes Meghan Way Stinson, professional dancer, international dance teacher, choreographer, Dupree convention faculty member, competition judge, dance company member, and co-director to our writing team. Meghan will be giving us her perspective on many different issues in the dance world. Feel free to ask her questions in the comments section. To see Meghan’s fabulous extensive bio, click here. Gift cards and bath salts and Snickers OH MY! The[…]

Here it comes again. That unexpected gut punch of parenting a high school senior in the spring. Last show choir performance, last choir concert, last banquet, last prom, graduation… I’m so ready for her to spread her wings, and she’s so ready to fly. But, then again, I am devastated to know she is about to take off without me. She can’t wait to leave one minute, but then wants[…]

After an intense day at a dance competition, Rich and I needed toothpicks to prop our eyes open for Bethany’s solo awards at 11:15 p.m. We settled into our “wake me when it’s over” slump in our seats, half listening for the title of her solo, Bluebird, so we could whoop and try to remember which medal the judges decided for her. (This weekend it would be High Gold, Platinum,[…]

I take extreme measures to avoid girl scouts in February. When the doorbell rings, I dive and roll. When they have a table set up at the grocery store, I take an alternate entrance.You see, I have a weakness. One bite into peanut butter and chocolate deliciousness, and the whole box is gone. Then I look for another box. Not long afterward, I feel really, really sick and angry at[…]

I sat down for coffee with my creator this morning, and this is what came out. You are always with me. You created me. You know me. You LOVE me. You love the good and the bad that make me “me.” You are in every detail and care about every detail. You know the plans you have for me, and you can’t wait to see them happen. You delight in[…]

Are you stressed out? Running on fumes, snapping at everybody, always tired? I’m talking the kind of stressed out you are when you get all the way to your daughter’s dance studio before realizing you don’t actually have your daughter in the car? (Yes, I really have actually done that.) I know some people who are totally calm and seem to keep their head in all situations. I want that![…]

We have an ongoing family joke that we should try to work the word “nourish” into our prayers as many times as possible. It all started when one of us was put on the spot to pray out loud before a meal in front of extended family members and actually said the word “nourish” seven times. Really. SEVEN times. How do you pray for your children? Do you stick with[…]

Do you have big dreams for your kids? Do they have dreams of their own? Defining the dreams God has placed in their hearts and breaking them down into tangible goals can be confusing for kids, so they need our help. First, we need to assure them God has plans and purposes for them. “For I know the plans I have for you, “ declares the Lord, “plans to prosper[…]