Are you concerned with your dancer’s placement or progress? Do you think your dancer needs private lessons to gain more individual attention? Are you confused about a decision that has been made that directly affects your child’s outlook and self-esteem?These are all valid questions. Dance Mom Devo contributor Meghan Way Stinson helps us out with some answers from her perspective as an experienced dance instructor.We, as dance teachers, know that[…]

We’ve all been there. You’re not happy with some things at the kids’ school, dance studio, or maybe even your church. Your first reaction is to bolt and look for that greener grass somewhere else. While sometimes the right answer is staying right where you are, at times families do need to re-locate. But how do you know whether to stay or go? Whether to love it or leave it?Things[…]

Private college tuition. Gulp.Times two this year. Double gulp.Medical bills from a kiddo’s recent hospitalization, labs, tests, and follow-ups.Air conditioning that doesn’t work (in TEXAS!).Recent home renovation that overshot the budget.1968 plumbing.A car way past 200,000 miles, ready to give up at any time.Competitive dance.Ouch!When we look at our family’s budget, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We are creatively looking at ways to cut expenses and decide where to spend[…]

Are you stressed out? Running on fumes, snapping at everybody, always tired? I’m talking the kind of stressed out you are when you get all the way to your daughter’s dance studio before realizing you don’t actually have your daughter in the car? (Yes, I really have actually done that.) I know some people who are totally calm and seem to keep their head in all situations. I want that![…]

We have an ongoing family joke that we should try to work the word “nourish” into our prayers as many times as possible. It all started when one of us was put on the spot to pray out loud before a meal in front of extended family members and actually said the word “nourish” seven times. Really. SEVEN times. How do you pray for your children? Do you stick with[…]

Our dance studio is busy preparing for nationals this week. Nothing gets the mama juices flowing like packing up costume pieces, make-up, and shoes (that don’t even fit anymore because we bought them last August), in order to travel half way across the country to compete at the national level. Meanwhile, I am fitting in work, a research paper for my master’s program, and my volunteer jobs at church. I[…]